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Handcrafted with love from Ethiopia

At Mamo our mission is to create a range of ethically made textiles that bring joy to those who wear them and create a pathway for our incredible weaving community in Ethiopia to share their talents with the world.


Our beautiful textiles are crafted by artisans from Dorze, Ethiopia. Each item is created using ancient traditional Ethiopian spinning and weaving techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation. Only the finest Ethiopian organic cotton and natural materials are used, sourced from local farms in Ethiopia.


Mamo designs are inspired by traditional Ethiopian cultural patterns. We celebrate the simplicity of traditional shamma (large shawls worn during times of celebration which are predominantly white with colourful patterned borders), while adding our own style, colours and designs. We love our textiles and hope they add a touch of luxury and joy to your life.


Empowering Ethiopian Communities   

We have a strong connection with Ethiopia and its people and have the privilege to empower the local weaving community by providing sustainable income development. Around 30 percent of the population in Ethiopia is unemployed, with arguably higher numbers for women in rural areas. COVID-19 and the current civil unrest in Ethiopia have made the situation even worse. By providing a pathway for local artisans to showcase their traditional weaving techniques to an international market, we are providing much needed opportunities for communities.


Ethically and Environmentally Responsible 

We are a socially responsible brand that is committed to the principles of fair trade, sustainability and consciousness. Our textiles are crafted using responsible and ethical production processes that are both people and environmentally friendly. Skilled craftmanship, traditional techniques, ethical employment and sustainable production is at the heart of our business and brand.


We support the concept of slow and sustainable fashion. We have taken great care to create high quality textiles that will last a lifetime. 


Good for you and me

We are passionate about creating luxury products that are not only beautiful, but good for you. Our textiles are made from organic and natural materials that are farmed and crafted using sustainable and traditional techniques, limiting our exposure to unnecessary toxins. We believe this is important for our overall health – and that of the environment. 

The Mamos

Selamnaw! Kia Ora! 


We - Anteneh (an Ethiopian) and Beth (a Kiwi) – are a family-owned business based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We met in Ethiopia many years ago while Beth was working as the New Zealand Deputy Ambassador in the New Zealand Embassy in Addis Ababa. Since then, we have had a beautiful baby girl and moved back to New Zealand. 


We were inspired to create Mamo in 2021, following Beth’s diagnosis and battle with cancer. Overnight, our life changed as we juggled a new born baby, cancer treatments and the scary possibility that Beth may not survive the year. The journey and Beth’s happy recovery made us re-evaluate our priorities and focus on what really matters in life – our health, family and making a positive impact in this world.  

We hope our beautiful textiles will add luxury and joy to your life and home for years to come!

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