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How our Products are Made

Mamo textiles are handcrafted by local artisans in Ethiopia using traditional Ethiopian spinning, dyeing and weaving techniques and the finest Ethiopian organic cotton and natural materials.


The process starts with sourcing the cotton material. Raw cotton is sourced from local organic or eco-friendly cotton farms in southern Ethiopia. It takes approximately 160 days for cotton to fully mature on the farm and harvesting is done by hand. 


The raw cotton is then spun (by women, usually in their homes) onto drop spindles to create threads of cotton. This is an ancient, specialized skill that is traditionally passed down within families from generation to generation. 


Once the cotton is spun, it is coloured. We use predominantly natural dyes made from flowers, leaves, bark, roots, coffee, onion skin and tea. This process can take time and creates beautiful rich colours that are unique to each batch of dye.  


The final process is to weave the cotton into its Mamo design using traditional Ethiopian hand looms. Local weavers (traditionally rural men) use their hands and feet to operate the looms and create each individual piece. It takes many hours to craft one textile by a single artisan. Once the weaving is complete, the ends are twisted and knotted, and the final touches are added. 


The traditional Ethiopian techniques used to handmake Mamo textiles are sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly. We have taken great care to consider each part of the production process and continue to foster sustainable practices for our people and planet.

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